Ali Smith: The Inaugural Harriet Martineau Lecture

Date: 14/05/2013 Times: 7.30pm Prices: £12/£10 Concession. Location: Norwich Playhouse

Don't miss literary luminary, Ali Smith, who will give an exclusive lecture on Harriet Martineau in celebration of Norwich UNESCO City of Literature.

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‘Dazzlingly inventive’

A.S. Byatt

‘She is a genius’

Alain de Botton

Writers’ Centre Norwich is delighted to welcome literary luminary Ali Smith to give an exclusive lecture on Harriet Martineau in celebration of Norwich’s status as England’s first and the world’s sixth UNESCO City of Literature.

Smith, the author of The Accidental, is a highly respected and totally original literary talent who knows how to tug at the heart strings whilst taking your breath away with her skill. Her last set of lectures were deftly displayed in Artful (2012) , a book that has won admiration across the board for its originality of thought, heart and inventiveness and she will bring those qualities to illuminate  the life and legacy of Norwich’s Martineau. 

Her subject is a key figure in Norwich’s literary and intellectual history, and a fascinating character. Born in 1802 to Norwich textile manufacturers, Harriet Martineau wrote the founding texts of sociology, championed the anti-slavery movement and was one of the first professional women journalists in the world.

Ali Smith is the perfect talent to illuminate this heroine’s story, and she will do so in a way that you cannot predict, but that it will be relevant, deeply felt and totally absorbing. Highly recommended.

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