I Wish I Was Lonely With Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe

Date: 16/05/2013 Times: 2 Shows: 6pm & 8.30pm Prices: £8 Location: Norwich Arts Centre

Explore the perils and pitfalls of the mobile phone in modern society in I Wish I Was Lonely, an interactive show of poetry and performance.

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‘This remarkable piece of participatory theatre ranks as among the most absorbing and thought provoking.’

****   Daily Telegraph  on The Oh F*ck Moment

Could it be that the invisible waves we're tethered to might also be drowning out who we really are? 

Throughout this interactive show on contactability you’ll be asked to leave your phone on as Hannah and Chris ask you what it really means to be ever available.  

Like their 2011 Fringe First winning ‘The oh f*ck moment’, Hannah and Chris’ show draws honestly from both the performers and their audience, using poetry, storytelling and live intervention to get to the nub of the matter at hand. The show might find itself distracted by a few forays onto Facebook or email, but will ultimately remain faithful in its quest to find out precisely what the consequences of our always on culture might be.

Ping the date into your electronic calendar, book your place and text your friends; this show needs to contact you. 

Co-commissioned by Writers’ Centre Norwich & ARC.

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