Kate Mosse: The Harriet Martineau Lecture

Date: 22/05/2014 Times: 7.30pm Prices: £12 / £10 Location: Norwich Playhouse

Our second lecture celebrating the life of Harriet Martineau, given by writer Kate Mosse. Part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

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“For when all else is done, only words remain. Words endure.”
- Kate Mosse

Join celebrated novelist Kate Mosse OBE, writer of the best-selling Languedoc Trilogy - Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel - to celebrate the life and legacy of Harriet Martineau, Norwich’s 19th century radical thinker and writer, and the world’s first female journalist.

Mosse has a passion for bringing overlooked women’s history to life in her bestselling novels, non fiction and plays, as well as for supporting international writing by women as Co Founder of the Baileys (formerly Orange) Women's Prize for Fiction. She is the perfect writer to follow Ali Smith in this second annual Martineau lecture where she will draw on her own experiences as a novelist and cultural commentator to reflect on Martineau’s legacy and life.

You can also take the chance to pose your own questions to Mosse about her forthcoming novel - The Taxidermist's Daughter - in our Q and A and have your books signed in an event that is bound to leave you captivated and inspired. 

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About Kate Mosse

Kate Mosse OBE is an internationally renowned writer, campaigner for libraries and promoter of writing by women. She Co-Founded the Women’s Prize for Fiction, and was recently presented with the ‘Spirit of Everywoman Award’ for her contribution to women and the arts.

About Harriet Martineau

Harriet Martineau was a 19th century radical thinker, writer, and the world’s first female journalist. She spent her life championing economic fairness, racial equality, women’s rights, the abolition of slavery, secularism in thought and the struggle for a more just society. Charles Darwin’s brother, Erasmus, was in love with her, her novel Deerbrook was an important bridge between Jane Austen and George Eliot and inspired Virginia Wolf, and later in life she instigated a formidable partnership with Florence Nightingale to campaign for better hospitals. Internationally her persistent pro-Lincoln journalistic coverage of the American Civil War made her a celebrated campaigner.

About the Harriet Martineau Lecture

The Harriet Martineau Lecture celebrates the life and legacy of Harriet Martineau through an annual public lecture that responds to an issue pertinent to Martineau and reflects keen engagement with the important ideas of today. The Lecture also celebrates Norwich as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Our inaguaral Harriet Martineau lecture was given by author Ali Smith, and you can read a report of the event, or listen to a recording of Ali’s lecture.  




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