Building Partnerships: Literature Organisations & Libraries

In libraries and library services New Writing South (NWS) and Writers’Centre Norwich (WCN) recognise organisations and individuals who share our passion for reading and writing and the great things that reading and writing can do for us all.

We have worked productively with libraries over a number of years and are part of a national network of literature agencies that promotes all writing and reading activity. We care passionately about our audiences and believe that all the Arts Council’s funded literature organisations have a commonality with the Library service in that we all work with writers, publishers, readers and audiences. We all work to ensure young people are given every opportunity to develop a love of books and reading through our programmes schemes and we all embrace all the full spectrum of the communities in which we live and work. Both the arts sector and libraries are experiencing degrees of change unprecedented in scope and speed. Despite the challenges and tough decisions that are coming, we still share a commitment to the power of reading and writing to achieve positive social change. This report and toolkit have been
assembled as part of a piece of research commissioned by Arts Council South East from WCN and NWS.

Our primary aim was to learn as much as we could about how libraries currently work with literary organisations of all kinds. In order that this research was not simply an audit of activity, we have also
tried to explore some of the ways in which we might be able to build new bridges between literature organisations and libraries so that we might work even more closely in the future.

Our funders and stakeholders are increasingly asking us to work more collaboratively and coherently. If we are to lead the discussion about how this is to happen, we must know how to work with each other in the most strategically useful, practically successful and creatively satisfying ways. We hope that this report, toolkit and the research behind it can form a part of this discussion.

View the report, toolkit and the technical appendix below.

Literature and Libraries in the South East and East: Final Report

Literature and Libraries in the South East and East: Technical Annex to Report

Building Partnerships: A Toolkit for Literature Organisations and Libraries

Errata: Please note the correct name of the Literature Development Officer for Portsmouth City Council is Dominic Kippin, not Dominic Kippen as stated on Page 34. The correct email address is