ILS Festival Forum: Festival Utopias

16 March 2017
High Street Theatre, London Book Fair
2.15 - 3.15pm
Visitor / Exhibitor pass

Part of the International Literature Showcase Festival Forum.

With the proliferation of literature festivals worldwide showing no signs of abating, it is arguably harder than ever to differentiate themselves, and compete for a share of the audience. How can festivals stand out from the crowd, and what strategies exist to create novel and unexpected encounters with writers, publishers and audiences? Is the established model fit for purpose? Or should we be looking to create entirely new ways of presenting literature, live?

Join Antonia Byatt (Cheltenham Literature Festival), Genevieve Christie (FlipSide) and Jarred McGinnis (The Special Relationship) to explore the artistic and commercial challenges around the written and performed word.

Sponsored by the International Literature Showcase, Arts Council England, British Council and Writers' Centre Norwich.