Litcom 1: A Conference on Literature and Communities

2 & 3 March 2017
WCN, Dragon Hall
2 days

Thursday 2nd March 12.30pm - 5.30pm & Friday 3rd of March 9:30am - 5pm

What is the relationship between literature and communities? This conference aims to take issue with a conception of literature as an individualistic arts practice (solo writer, solo reader), to offer a critical space for those projects and activities that have been engaging with literature, and to co-produce research questions which will inform further events and a planned edited book around the topic.

We wish to consider how literatures emerge from given communities and in turn contribute to their co-creation. Do differing contexts produce distinctive literatures? What is the role of the writer in these communities? Do roles alter at different scales, i.e. local/national/international? Is the act of creative writing itself of value to communities as well as the act of reading? How can the production of literature be thought a negotiation with community?

Keynote speakers include:

Ava Chalkiadaki - Vice-Chair, Organisation of Culture, Sports and Youth, City of Athens; member of the Organising Committee, City of Athens World Book Capital 2018

Dave Ward - Co-ordinator, The Windows Project, Liverpool - writing in the community since 1976


A full programme is available to download here.

Please contact r.daniel@uea.ac.uk for more information.